North Kamakura HaSachiAkira Museum

「North Kamakura HaSachiAkira Museum」で使える割引クーポンなどの優待特典を紹介します。

North Kamakura HaSachiAkira Museum

“The Kita-Kamakura Leaf Shomei Museum is itself a beautiful“ picture book ”. A painter and poet's father, a gentle wife, a 10-year-old Lira-chan, and a 5-year-old Claude family created the image of a Western-style house where they used to live. Anyone who visits can relax like a home. (Yoshiaki Ha)

Opened in 1991 in the ancient city of Kita-Kamakura, such as “Meigetsu-in”, famous as a hydrangea temple, and the “Enkaku-ji Temple” that has continued since the Kamakura period. Original paintings such as watercolors, oil paintings, drawings, etc. are exhibited from the early works of Shoaki Ha, a graphic award winning artist from the Bologna International Children's Book Exhibition in Italy. Please come to your friend's house as if you were going to play. We hope that you will be able to spend a moment of peace by healing the tired heart through the beautiful original drawings and words.

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Admission fee 600 yen for adults with membership card ⇒ 500 yen etc.

North Kamakura HaSachiAkira Museumの割引・クーポンなどの特典画像


Admission fee Adult 600 yen500 yen

Admission fee small and junior high school students 300 yen250 yen

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