North Earth Aquarium (Mountain Aquarium)

「North Earth Aquarium (Mountain Aquarium)」で使える割引クーポンなどの優待特典を紹介します。

North Earth Aquarium (Mountain Aquarium)

An aquarium in the north of Japan with "Japan's first" and "World's first" Reopened in July 2012. This is a facility where you can feel the nature of Hokkaido directly with an unprecedented unique display method that creates a sense of floating in the middle of the water in a tank that looks up at Japan's first waterfall from below and a tank that freezes in winter. “Gala Rufa”, which eats the skin of your hands, is also very popular.

Contact phone number 0157-45-2223
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Admission fee with coupon Regular fee 670 yen ⇒ 510 yen

North Earth Aquarium (Mountain Aquarium)の割引・クーポンなどの特典画像


Admission fee Regular fee 670 yen510 yen

Plan release period
Until Mar






コンビニですぐに発券・利用できます。即時利用できるのは、ファミリーマートFamiポートのみです。 「セブンマルチコピー機発券」「Loppi発券」は登録から1カ月後に利用できます。