Ishigaki Yaima Village

「Ishigaki Yaima Village」で使える割引クーポンなどの優待特典を紹介します。

Ishigaki Yaima Village
Ishigaki Yaima Village

An experience-based comprehensive theme park that recreates a good old stone wall! ! Time slip to the good old Ishigaki Island! The only theme park in Ishigaki Island where you can experience the whole culture, nature, traditional performing arts and food culture of Yaeyama. In addition to various experiences such as Shisa coloring experience and easy costume rental, there are plenty of attractions that you can not play in a day, such as a squirrel monkey forest where you can interact with squirrel monkeys, a mangrove nature exploration road, a delicious restaurant!

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Ishigaki Yaima Villageの割引・クーポンなどの特典画像


入村料 おとな   1,000円800円

入村料 こども(3歳~12歳)   500円400円

Plan release period
Until Mar






コンビニですぐに発券・利用できます。即時利用できるのは、ファミリーマートFamiポートのみです。 「セブンマルチコピー機発券」「Loppi発券」は登録から1カ月後に利用できます。