Fukushima Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall

「Fukushima Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall」で使える割引クーポンなどの優待特典を紹介します。

Fukushima Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall

The world's largest submarine tunnel-a museum where you can see a strait drama The world's largest submarine tunnel "Seikan Tunnel". Fukushima Town serves as a base on the Hokkaido side, and the memorial facilities include Japan's first tunnel boring machine, strait exchange history, and a tunnel video station. In addition, you can see how the tunnel man has overcome many difficulties such as abnormal flooding accidents, and has completed the tunnel technology.

Contact phone number 0139-47-3020


Admission fee with membership card General 400 yen ⇒ 300 yen etc.

Fukushima Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hallの割引・クーポンなどの特典画像


Admission fee General (15 years old and over except middle and high school students) 400 yen300 yen

Admission children (elementary, middle and high school students) 200 yen150 yen

Plan release period
Until Mar






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