THE SPA Nishiarai

「THE SPA Nishiarai」で使える割引クーポンなどの優待特典を紹介します。

THE SPA Nishiarai

CENTRAL SPORTS natural hot springs close to members THE SPA Nishiarai's natural hot spring is a sodium-chloride strong salt hot spring that springs from 1,500m underground. Skin-friendly, smooth hot water is known for its high thermal and moisturizing effects. Please enjoy the natural hot springs that are rich in minerals with ancient seaweeds and plants dissolved in the formation.

Contact phone number 03-5888-1526
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Usage fee with membership card Weekday Adult 1020 yen ⇒ 920 yen etc.

THE SPA Nishiaraiの割引・クーポンなどの特典画像


Usage fee Adults on weekdays 1,020 yen920 yen

Usage fee Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays Adults (more than junior high school students) 1,230 jpy1,130 yen

Plan release period
Until Mar






コンビニですぐに発券・利用できます。即時利用できるのは、ファミリーマートFamiポートのみです。 「セブンマルチコピー機発券」「Loppi発券」は登録から1カ月後に利用できます。